Building an Effective Classroom

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Building an Effective Classroom by Mind Map: Building an Effective Classroom

1. Students

1.1. I will have open communication with my students that fosters the ability to build positive student-teacher relationships. I will provide positive feedback to students when applicable, and I will ignite a light that encourages students to keep learning.

2. Inclusion

2.1. My classroom will be inclusive; by meeting the needs of all students. I will foster an environment that promotes fairness, equality, kindness and safety.

3. Discipline

3.1. To manage my classroom I will encourage my students to abide by the rules, and if need be I will apply positive or negative reinforcements. For example, a positive reinforcement I can use would be to provide positive encouragements. If a negative reinforcement is needed I can remove something that a student does not like from their to do list; "If you do this worksheet, you do not have to read the last two paragraphs from this chapter." Taking away a students free time will be my last resort as I insist students need those body and mental breaks throughout the day.

4. Space

4.1. My classroom will have a pleasant atmosphere that will encourage an environment that is safe and welcome for all. There will be adequate space that will be accessible for all students. If space allows I can add a treadmill or a spin bike or another form of exercise tool for specific kinesthetic learners i.e students with ADHD.

5. Parents

5.1. I will encourage students parents to become involved in their children's learning. I can foster this by creating a google classroom that allows parent access to everything students learn in class. This can also allow for open communication to students parents by providing them with an email or school number to contact me. I will also encourage parent involvement by asking for parent volunteers for field trips, and other school activities.

6. Other teachers

6.1. I will build a positive rapport with other teachers within my field. This will help create a great foundation for future collaboration. I will collaborate often with other teachers to better the education for learners, and to keep evolving my own learning for teaching. This will also create a great support system within my field.

7. Organization

7.1. In order for classrooms to stay in order is to be rather organized. This will also aid in creating a safe and clutter free learning space for me and my students. A quote from my mom that I like to think of in terms of this is; "an uncluttered room is an uncluttered mind". To do this I will implement organization by utilizing the shelf space within my classroom, keeping my desk, all books and writing tools neatly contained, and ensuring daily tidying is completed. This is also something that can be implemented within the class, it can teach my students to stay organized as well.

8. Furniture - Seating Arrangments

8.1. In my classroom I will have group tables in lieu of individual desks. There will not be a seating plan, but I will move students if circumstances require such. There will also be spaces available to students who choose to be autonomic learners, i.e reading nooks or back table; could also use a reading nook chair and a smaller table.

9. Rules

9.1. I will carry out five classroom rules. There will be expectations and consequences to go along with them in hopes to reinforce positive and acceptable classroom behaviour.

10. Feedback

10.1. Another area I can consider when building an effective classroom is feedback. This can include receiving feedback to providing feedback. When working with others it is great to ensure I am providing feedback in a positive and/or constructive manner. This can be towards colleagues or students. It is also beneficial to receive feedback from both colleagues and students. This will help with my own learning and teaching.

11. Time Management

11.1. In order for a classroom to run smoothly, one must use time efficiently. In my classroom, I will ensure that time is allotted well for each subject and topic discussed in class. This will include effective lesson planning. I will also ensure that I can manage work, personal life, and extra curricular's by balancing each of these area's effectively.