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"Same" Ad by Mind Map: "Same" Ad

1. the content of the ad

1.1. Obama compares McCain to President Bush.

1.2. Shows a clip of McCain stating that he agreed with Bush over 90% of the time

2. Obama's purpose

2.1. to tell voters how there will not be much of a change if McCain is voted into office

2.1.1. emphasizes that he is the candidate that will make a difference

3. what the images show

3.1. the images used are pictures of McCain and Bush being "buddy buddy"

3.2. when the clip of McCain stating that he agreed with Bush, they have what he's saying on the screen to emphasize the point

3.3. at the end where it says Obama and I approved this message they show him with Bidden, were they clearly had just finished making a speech

4. what the content means

4.1. Obama would be the better choice because he is the one that will bring change

4.2. McCain is to naive to be in office

4.3. McCain is too old