Customer Service

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Customer Service by Mind Map: Customer Service

1. Pleasant Demeanor

1.1. Leave emotional baggage at the door

1.2. Always smiling

1.3. Greet every guest

2. Fast

2.1. Problem Solving

2.2. Recover from surprises quickly

2.3. If something goes wrong fix problem quick and maybe offer something free in addition to fixing the problem to the guest

3. Communication

3.1. Ability to read body language

3.2. Ability to read emotions

3.3. Effectively communicate problems

3.3.1. Persuasive

4. Connecting

4.1. Showing empathy

4.2. Understanding the customer

4.2.1. Put yourself in the customer's shoes

4.3. Always ask what they want

4.4. If a room is readily available and won’t sell maybe upgrade a customer to the better room for no charge