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Tripped UP by Mind Map: Tripped UP

1. buys revenge tire damage on Pendragon

2. takes money from Taylor to flatten Pendragons tires

3. falsely accuses Taylor

4. sells bootlegged booze to his brother Albert

5. THE test mark switch scam

5.1. Tara A to F

5.2. Rebbeca A to F

5.3. Albert F to A

5.4. Barry F to A

6. Barry - the jock

6.1. cheats on his test, buys answers from Jane

6.2. cheats on Jasmine

7. Sam - the godfather

8. Jasmine - the popular

8.1. opperates as lookout for mark changing scam

9. Rysa - girl muscle

9.1. bullies jean

10. Albert - guy muscle

10.1. sells booze to Jimmy, Ashley & Rebecca

10.2. takes revenge on HANK for 6 month suspension and puts candy in car.

11. Ronnie - nerd rejected

11.1. rejected by Jasmine

11.2. puts worms in Jasmines soup for revenge

12. Taylor - revenge

12.1. pays money to Rene for Revenge

13. Jean - the storyteller

13.1. Ex-Lax to the entire school

14. Jane - money

14.1. stage fake fight to distract hank during RENE mark changing

14.2. bullies jean

14.3. stage fake fight to distract hank during RENE mark changing

14.4. sells stolen exam answers to Barry

15. Rene - the chameleon

15.1. decieves hank to change test resu;ts

16. Tara - the brains

17. Jimmy - the stoner

17.1. loves emily but accidently kills her cat

18. Rebecca - the exam thief

18.1. Taylor takes the fall for her exam theft

18.2. hands tests to Ashley - ** this needs to be updated in script to handing tests to Jane not Ashley since Ashley is unaware of Barry cheating in her dialogue with him

19. Ashley - the boyfriend theif

19.1. ashley is jealous of Jasmines popularity

19.2. steals jasmines boyfriend behind her back

20. Tony - booze blackmarket

21. Pendragon - controller phone hater

22. Hank - career climbing, self absorbed, tough task master

23. Emily - cat loving mafia girl

23.1. tries to prove shes tough by krazy glue prank on sam

24. Lian - soup spitter

24.1. spitts in pendragons soup for getting an F

25. Albert Kicked out of School for 6 months

26. Jimmy Runs Over Cat and Hits Tree

27. Tony Steals Booze and sells to kids

28. Albert back in School

29. Jean Bullied

30. Cafeteria soup and Worms Incident

31. Test Results Changed Lian gets F

32. Barry Cheats on Test

33. Barry Cheats on Jasmine

34. Jean Puts Exlax in Ice Cream

35. Albert put Candy in Hanks Car tank

36. Taylor Falsley Accused

37. Pendragons Tires Slashed

38. Rebecca Steals exam answers for Barry

39. Ronnies flower gets burned by Jasmine

40. Students called to rooom 111 and blackmailed