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Productivity by Mind Map: Productivity

1. Time spent working on getting a degree

1.1. Make sure to have time to go to school every monday and wednesday, never miss class

1.2. Spend time every day working on homework and studying, dont procrastinate until the night before

2. Stay in shape

2.1. Make time to go to the ymca and workout everyday, walk dog, or workout on my own at home

2.2. Don't stay in bed all day on my days off

3. Keep an income of some sort

3.1. Donate plasma 2 times a week

3.2. Continue to make calls at the end of the month for gi bill

3.3. Stay on top of guard drills

4. Save time for family and friends

4.1. Don't stay in my room all day

4.2. Make plans for the people who matter in advance

4.3. Keep in contact with others

5. Learn how to help yourself and do what you want to do before helping others out, this doesnt mean being selfish and not doing things for others but rather making sure youre in the best spot to help others out the best you possibly can

5.1. Leave time to do things that you love to do

5.2. Read a book

5.3. Watch a movie you want to watch

5.4. Spend a little bit of money on yourself

5.5. Go on a drive alone

5.6. Plan out a mini adventure just for yourself

6. Do volunteer Work on days I have nothing going on

6.1. Go out and help out at a humane society

6.2. Help out at food pantry