Managing oneself

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Managing oneself by Mind Map: Managing oneself

1. Opportunities are made by

1.1. Intelligence

1.2. Motivation

1.3. Ambition

2. Understanding myself is key

2.1. What are my strengths?

2.1.1. Use feedback analysis Take note of expected results Identify patterns: - What am I good at? - What abilities should I work on? - What are my unpro- ductive habits?

2.2. How do I perform?

2.2.1. What kind of intelligence do I have? Determine and improve ways to perform Easier than changing oneself

2.2.2. Do I work best under pressure or in a predictable environment?

2.2.3. Am I a decision- maker?

2.3. What are my values?

2.3.1. Incompatible organization values lead to Frustration Low performance

2.3.2. Is this work worth devoting my life to?

2.4. Where do I belong?

2.4.1. Successful careers are not planned. They develop when people are prepared for opportunities

2.4.2. Answering the other 3 questions is key

2.4.3. Who I am will determine the kind of work I commit to What should I contribute? To answer, must consider

3. True excellence through

3.1. Self- knowledge

3.2. Personal strengths management