Application Tools

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Application Tools by Mind Map: Application Tools

1. Hardware

1.1. System Unit

1.1.1. Contains electronic component of computer used to process data Processor Memory Video card Sound card Power Supply Drive Bay

1.2. Input

1.2.1. Any data and instructions entered into the memory of the computer Keyboard Pointing device Mouse Pen input

1.3. Output

1.3.1. Data that has been processed into a useful form Display device Printers Speakers Headphones

1.4. Storage Devices

1.4.1. Holds data, instructions and information for future use Storage Hard disk Memory card USB flash drive Optical disk Memory RAM Others Tape Magnetic stripe and smart card Microfilm and microfilche Enterprise storage

2. Software

2.1. System Software

2.1.1. Programs that control operation of the computer and it devices detect Operating System Functions Types Utility programs system software that allows a user to perform maintenance-type task

2.2. Application Software