Causes of World War I

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Causes of World War I by Mind Map: Causes of World War I

1. Militarism

2. Imperialism

3. Nationalism

4. Military Alliances

5. Germany

6. Britain

7. Russia

8. Began building up their military arsenals to compete with the other European countries

9. Had the largest navy that Germany was competing against

10. Had the largest army that Germany was competing against

11. Created a competitive race that lead to a dangerous buildup of weapons and the development of dealer weapons

12. Germany

13. Britain

14. Wanted to gain more land control and resources

15. Owned over one quarter of the world's land mass

16. Animosity developed between the two countries as the competition for land and resources increased

17. Europeans began to want to be united with people from their same ethnic backgrouonds

18. Austria-Hungary

19. Home to 50 million Austrians, Hungarians, Bosnians, Ukrainians, Serbs and other ethnic groups

20. Many Serbian nationalists wanted to leave Bosnia and Herzegovina and go to Serbia

21. Bosnia and Herzegovina

22. The members of a military alliance promise mutual military support if either of them are attacked

23. Two major alliances in 1914

24. The Triple Entente or Allies

25. The Triple Alliance or Central Powers

26. Britain

27. Russia

28. France

29. Italy

30. Austria-Hungary

31. Germany

32. These alliances were so well established and widespread that even a small conflict would spread across the continent