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Abortion by Mind Map: Abortion

1. Thesis

1.1. Many people think its immoral to kill their unborn child, but when medical issues arise concerning the mother, and child is it okay to abort the child ?

2. Pro Life beliefs

2.1. Flaws with the ideals

2.2. Views on Abortion

3. Pro Choice

3.1. Medical problems that can happen with the child

3.2. Woman who have needed abortion and their take on it

3.3. Reasoning and take on Abortion

4. Religion

4.1. Shaming

4.2. Ex Communication

5. Planned Parenthood

5.1. Values

5.2. Goals

5.3. How they help

6. Freedom of choice

6.1. Woman should be able to choose

6.2. They should have support

7. Medical Problems with some babies

7.1. Things that can cause mother to die

7.2. Rape

7.3. Mistakes

7.4. Diseases

7.5. Death

8. Conclusion

8.1. Points re established

8.2. Woman should have the choice

9. My argument

9.1. You should be able to abort a child if the circumstances endanger the mother or the child is already dead inside the womb

10. Two Sources

10.1. 15 Reasons To Be Pro-Choice

10.2. BBC - Ethics - Abortion: Arguments in favour of abortion