Ann Meredith Wardwell

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Ann Meredith Wardwell by Mind Map: Ann Meredith Wardwell

1. Business Goals

1.1. Get Promoted to C-Suite

2. Family

2.1. Spend more time with family

2.2. Twin 7 year old boys

2.3. Support my husband in his career goals

3. Passions

3.1. Leading my Team

3.2. Loving my Family and Spending time with them.

3.3. Learning new things and challenging myself.

4. Education

4.1. MBA from Johns Hopkins

4.2. University of Colorado Boulder - MS Civil Engineering

4.3. University of Colorado Boulder - BS Architectural Engineering

5. Hobbies

5.1. I love to run and am training for the Pikes Peak Marathon

5.2. I love to Ski and be in the Mountains

5.3. I want to learn yoga.

6. Places we've lived

6.1. Colorado Springs, CO (Current)

6.2. Chicago, IL

6.3. Mountain View, CA