Matthew Dean Intro

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Matthew Dean Intro by Mind Map: Matthew Dean Intro

1. Career

1.1. I currently work as a Strategic Sourcing Analyst for Allied Universal, the largest employer of security guards and offsite security monitoring in North America.

1.2. My role mainly involves working with senior leadership on company-wide savings initiatives.

1.3. Prior to Allied Universal, I worked as a procurement consultant at Accenture and prior to that I was in the Marine Corps as a scout for several years.

2. Education

2.1. Undergrad from The Catholic University of America in 2013 (after the military)

2.2. Currently in 2nd year of the Flex MBA

2.3. Due to my current role at Allied Universal, which is mainly a human resources/security company, I am interested in learning more about laws between employers and employees, obligations, etc.

3. Hobbies

3.1. Avid Philadelphia sports fan - Go Eagles and Sixers!

3.2. I like to run when the weather is nice and am a member at Orange Theory Fitness.

3.3. Travelling with my family is the most fun. We just got back from several days at Disney World!

4. Home and Family

4.1. My wife and daughter, who you can tell never smiles from the picture, and I live in Malvern, PA, outside Philadelphia.

4.2. Prior to Malvern:

4.3. Lancaster, PA

4.4. Washington, DC

4.5. Camp Lejeune, NC (Helmand Province, Afghanistan; Rutbah, Iraq)

4.6. Memphis, TN (hometown)