Sensationalism in the Media

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Sensationalism in the Media by Mind Map: Sensationalism in the Media

1. Grassroot Theory

2. Ruling Elite Theory

3. Money Machine Theory

4. Subculture Theory

5. Ruling Elite Theory

6. Money Machine Theory

7. Grassroot Theory

8. Subculture Theory

9. Ruling Elite Theory: Argues that the media consciously and purposely diverts attention away from the problems in society.

10. Money Machine Theory: Argues what counts in making a profit is attracting a large audience.

11. Grass-root Theory: Argues that the press response to the biases of the public at large by reporting stories in ways that are appealing to the public.

12. Professional Subculture Theory: The Media approaches he events of the day according to the distinct norms, expectations and ethic of the profession of journalism. Journalist believes they are obligated to personalize, dramatize and individualize the news.