Arya Tavakoli

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Arya Tavakoli by Mind Map: Arya Tavakoli

1. Family Goals

1.1. I would like to spend more time planning fun events for the family

1.2. I would like to make more of an effort to show up to these events on time lol

2. Academia

2.1. I am currently halfway through my flexible part-time MBA program

2.2. I would like to find more quiet time to study

2.3. I strive to increase my email response time when it comes to team work

3. Leisure

3.1. I work on ATV's (four wheeler)

3.2. I enjoy trying new restaurants with my friends

3.3. I play neighborhood basketball and tennis on the weekends

4. Try MeisterTask!

5. Living

5.1. I currently live at Potomac, Maryland. Its a small town where everyone know each other

5.2. I grew up in Laurel, Maryland and I plan on investing in a townhouse there within the next few years

6. Career

6.1. Food & Beverage Equipment Consultant

6.2. I hope to startup a food truck manufacturing business

6.3. I strive for positive attitudes & fair business routine in my everyday work