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Past simple by Mind Map: Past simple

1. Affirmative

1.1. Rule:

1.2. subject + basic form of the verb + ed

1.3. Exsample: I worked yesterday

1.4. Some variants:

1.4.1. •Verbs ending in “-E” Exsample: 1)dancE+ED=dancED Exsample:2)+ED=phonED

1.4.2. •Short verbs ending in consonant+vowel Exsample:1)traveL+ED=travELLED Exsample:2)shoP+ED=shOPPED

1.4.3. Short verbs ending in consonant+Y Exsample:1)crY+(I)ED=criED Exsample:2)study+(I)ED=studiED

2. Relative expressions

2.1. Last: -Monday, week, month, winter, year, night.

2.2. Ago: -a year,, a week, a month.

3. Negative

3.1. Rule

3.1.1. Subject+basic form of the verb did+not (didn’t)

3.1.2. Exsample: They didn’t paint.

4. Interrogative

4.1. Rule:

4.1.1. Did+subject+infinitive

4.1.2. Exsample: Did they travel by car? short answers: No, they didn’t.

5. Tempo verbale del passato più usato in inglese e si forma aggiungendo -ED alla forma base del verbo regolare.

5.1. Si usa per parlare di azioni che sono iniziate e concluse al passato che non hanno legami con il presente.

5.2. Si usa per indicare un momento o periodo interamente trascorso.

5.2.1. -Yesteday

5.2.2. Last month

5.2.3. Last week

5.2.4. An hour ago

6. To be

6.1. Si usa per parlare di situazione o eventi concluso nel passato.

6.1.1. Be= was/were:

6.1.2. I was, you were, he/she/it was, you were, we were, they were.