Essential Skills

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Essential Skills by Mind Map: Essential Skills

1. Core Skills

1.1. ICT, Numeracy and Communication unit servicing

1.2. Timetabling serviced units

1.3. Core Skills Screening

1.4. Cross College Standardisation

1.4.1. 3 times a year, evidence review meetings

1.4.2. Moodle "how to teach core skills" 4-unit course for core skills lecturers, including standardised assessment instruments

2. HN units servicing

2.1. Communication Practical Skills, ITAS, Business Communication, Leadership unit servicing

3. Educator Training

3.1. PDA Teaching Practice in Scotland's Colleges (face to face/ distance)

3.2. IN DEVELOPMENT: PDA Technology Enhanced Learning and Teaching (face to face/ distance)

3.3. Intro to FE

3.4. PROJECT PAUSED: TQFE equivilent

4. Nat 5/ Higher Courses

4.1. Higher Mathematics (Eve/ Sat)

4.2. Higher English (Eve/ Sat)

4.3. National 5 Applications of Mathematics (Eve / Sat)

5. Commercial

5.1. Sport Scotland (4 hrs class contact) Tutoring toolkit for sports educators 13.03.18

5.2. NorthAir (6 hrs class contact) Management training: Managing Communication and Giving and Receiving Feedback 08.02.18

5.3. Crossroads Training Scotland (3 hrs class contact) Management training: Giving and Receiving Feedback 15.03.18

5.4. Leidos Innovations (2 hrs class contact) Assertiveness Training 08.03.18

6. Student self access resources