A continuous improvement organization

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A continuous improvement organization by Mind Map: A continuous improvement organization

1. An employee who continuously improves

1.1. 1 hr a day learning culture

1.2. Training program

1.3. present 1 new learning a month with boss

1.4. continuous feedback

1.5. mentoring

1.5.1. one on one sessions

1.6. each person maintains a journal and does an end of week personal review

1.7. Reward and recognize an employee who learns and grows

1.7.1. incentives for risk taking

1.7.2. incentive for introducing something new

1.8. Colleagues who question the status quo

1.9. hire such employees

1.10. Incentivize people who are risk takers and who improve

1.10.1. what did you improve?

1.10.2. how did you improve?

1.10.3. what did you learni

1.11. time and freedom to improve

2. Knowledge sharing

2.1. 'show and tell sessions'

2.1.1. Sessions where teams share their learnings

2.2. invite industry leaders to share perspectives

2.3. Leadership presentations

2.3.1. every leader presents on a topic once a month

3. Bring new services to market

3.1. culture of experimentation

3.1.1. get everyone to add to list of experiments we should be driving

3.2. DSG leads experiments

3.2.1. Maintain list of experiments

3.3. Leadership meetings to discuss new areas

4. KPIs

4.1. Number of MVPs

4.2. number of intellectual properties created and sold

4.3. Awards

4.4. number of experiments executed

4.5. Track Innovation metric in projects

4.6. 1 on 1 session coverage

4.7. New practice areas

4.8. number of innovations per project

5. learning within projects and accounts

5.1. Sprint Retrospectives

5.2. RCA process

5.3. outside in approach to projects where we research, conduct innovation sessions in projects

6. Vision

6.1. Characteristics

6.1.1. culture of sharing

6.1.2. constantly apply learnings

6.1.3. moral obligation to have colleagues grow

6.1.4. take accountability of self learning

6.1.5. No fear of failure from trying new things

6.1.6. Leave no stone unturned to get to the bottom of a problem to learn

6.1.7. build a culture to question the status quo

6.2. An organization that excels at continuous improvement driven through a passion towards being a learning organization

7. A leadership that drives continuous learning

7.1. A no stone left unturned approach to find issues and learn

7.2. Seek and provide continuous feedback to colleagues to grow

7.3. Establish a personal learning plan

7.3.1. Spend 2 hrs a day learning

7.4. Contribute and bring new competencies and processes to the organization

8. Decision making framework

8.1. A planned approach to solving problems

8.2. Data driven model for decision making

9. study how best in class organizations learn and continuously learn

9.1. kochs model of experimentation

10. build

11. build a plan that drives the mandate of a continuously improving organization