Question: "Why Do Things Fall?"

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Question: "Why Do Things Fall?" by Mind Map: Question: "Why Do Things Fall?"

1. Big Idea: Gravity

1.1. Why would this interest children?:

1.1.1. Expands knowledge on everyday life Examples Ball falls after throwing Leaves blowing in the wind Apples falling from trees

1.1.2. They cannot see, smell or touch gravity - Therefore, they would be more intrigued to know how gravity works

1.1.3. The fact that gravity is all around us and is keeping us alive. i.e. in the Solar System How we are breathing and not floating around on Earth

1.2. Activities

1.2.1. 1.“Which one falls faster?” This first activity will first give the children the idea of gravity, and how certain materials will fall faster than others. 1. First the children will make a hypothesis as to which items will fall faster - this can get into discussions like size differences 2. Each child will have a chance to stand on a chair and drop an item down along side another classmate to compare which item falls faster 3. Discuss which hypothesis were right or wrong and why - this can lead to the discussion or weight Extension Activity 1 Rolling down the ramp

1.2.2. 2.Floating/sinking cans The next activity will focus more on the idea of weight but also focusing on gravity and the abilities of sinking and floating. 1. Get two cans and put them in a water table and have different items like; coins, rocks, pom poms, etc. 2. Tell the children to put the different materials in the cans to see which one sinks or floats 3. Reflect the activity and ask "From the past activity, why do you think certain materials made the can sink or float" Extension Activity 2 Coat Hanger Weight Balance

1.2.3. 3. Balloon Parachutes The children now have a greater knowledge and idea of gravity and weight. This activity will tie in both concepts plus the idea of wind and force. By using a water balloon and any shopping bag (or any bag with two handles) 1. Fill a water balloon not too full, and then tie the end with the two handles of the bag 2. can either stand from a chair or something off the ground, or just simply throw the bag up. The bag will act like a parachute 3.Explain the force of the heave weight from the water ballon, but also the wind and air that is being trapped into the bag Extension Activity 3 Straw Airplane

2. Family Interaction With This Question

2.1. If a child asks this question to their parents, the parents can also explore the same big idea and implement the same activities at home

2.1.1. How Does Learning Happen How Does Learning Happen Children Educator Belonging, Well-Being, Engagement, Emotion

2.1.2. ELECT Domain's and Skills Social, Physical (Gross and fine motor), Cognitive, Communication, Language and Literacy

3. How Can Children Explore This

3.1. Can discover and explore this question in many ways

3.1.1. Primary Sources Watch Videos about gravity Scientific results from other people who did similar activities Using materials and tools like: cans, coins, coat hangers etc.

3.1.2. Secondary Sources Dictionary to look up definitions for: Gravity, Force, Motion, etc.