Curriculum Design

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Curriculum Design by Mind Map: Curriculum Design

1. An overview

1.1. Information you want to get from the Ss.

1.2. Situational Analysis

1.2.1. Educational setting Societal and cultural norms Goals, physical conditions, resources

1.2.2. Class Characteristics Size of the class, relationships

1.2.3. Faculty Characteristics Qualifications of the teachers

1.2.4. Governance of course content Can teachers make changes?

1.2.5. Assesment and evaluation Grading norms

2. Needs Analysis

2.1. Wants, desires, demands, expectations, motivations, lacks, requirements

2.2. Objective needs

2.2.1. demographic data

2.2.2. needs in terms of levels

2.2.3. Target context

2.3. Subjective needs

2.3.1. Attitude towards language

2.3.2. expectations

2.3.3. Strategies preferences

3. Problematizing

3.1. Considerate what can go wrong

3.2. Think solutions of the problems beforehand

4. Specifying Goals

4.1. Desirable and attainable program purposes

4.1.1. Participate in social conversations

4.1.2. Speak with minor errors

4.1.3. Participate comfortably

4.1.4. Self-monitor their speech

5. Conceptualizing a course Syllabus

5.1. factors

5.1.1. time

5.1.2. expertise

5.1.3. money

5.2. Goals for the course

5.3. Objectives for the module

5.4. List of topics and grammatical forms to be taught

6. Selecting textbooks, materials and resources

6.1. Textbooks chosen to equip students to use language efectively

6.2. teachers should mediate betweern target and mother tongues

7. Assesment

7.1. Traditional periodic tests

7.2. quizzes

7.3. multiple choice tests

7.4. journals, portfolios

8. Program Evaluation

8.1. Evaluation of the program and of the teacher

8.2. Success based on the syllabus and on the teacher