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Thermal Energy by Mind Map: Thermal Energy

1. Conduction

1.1. The conduction proces only happen when there is adiference betwen two bodys temperature

1.1.1. The conduction of thermal energy is the maginitude in which we measure the capacity of a object to transfer heat Metals and stones are consider good conductors of energy because tha facility they have to transfer heat ALL materials have a unique conductive proporties that why all materials are creared in a diferent form There are materiasl such as robber that are insultors that can protect objects of electricity

2. Radiation

2.1. Is the enrgy that a object expell in a certain temperature

2.1.1. Its produce by fotons and electromagnetic waves If there is a exces of radiation it can afect the human health and produce cancer

2.1.2. It is produced directly from the source to the outside in all direction Radiation travels in forms of waves that mean that they travel at a high speed It have a lot of uses in daliy life like

2.1.3. theres no a direct contact betwen objects there diferents types of radiation such as microvaves ultraviolet X ray

2.1.4. Is use as a way to produce energy in the industrial sector it woulbe probably the energy of the future even do it genrate a lot of polution

2.1.5. Radiation dont need molecules to transfer energyn

3. Convection

3.1. Convection is how heat pass throw out fluids

3.1.1. Convection currents explain why the air is hotter at the top of a room and cooler at the bottom. A good example of convection could be The earth's surface is warmed by the sun, the warm air rises and cool air moves in. Also in earth atmosphere even in other planets atmosphere there happen a lot of proces of convection

3.1.2. most of the convection proces are natural diferent that other ways of transfer heat