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Liver Cancer by Mind Map: Liver Cancer

1. 1.Pathophysiologic Factor of Immunity, Immunity

1.1. There is a realationship between obtaining the Hep B vaccine, and a reduction of risk - receiving the vaccine provides 90% protection(Mayo Clinic, 2018).

2. 7.Diagnostic Tests

2.1. BLood tests that reveal liver function abnormalities(Mayo Clinic, 2018)

2.2. Ultrasound, CT, or MRI

2.3. Liver Biopsy and sent it for testing

3. 6.Risk Factors

3.1. Excessive Alcohol Consumption

3.2. Cirrhosis(R4)

3.3. Having Hep B and Hep V(B)-"“Chronic viral hepatitis is the cause of most primary liver cancer"(Mayo Clinic, 2018)

3.4. Tobacco Smoking

3.5. certain inherited liver diseases such as hemochromatosis and Wilson's Disease(Mayo Clinic, 2018)

3.6. Cancers of other body parts. example; "a possible relationship between cholelithiasis and cancer risk has been examined for cancer of the gallbladder, liver, biliary tract"(Chen et al., 2014)

3.7. exposure to Aflatoxins

3.8. Diabetes- "People with this blood sugar disorder have a greater risk of liver cancer than those who don't have diabetes"(Mayo Clinic, 2018).

4. 5.Treatment Associated with Liver Cancer

4.1. 1.staging is important to decide on a treatment

4.2. Possible surgery to remove tumor if appropriate ( overall health is considered before any surgery)

4.3. liver transplant surgery

4.4. radiofrequency ablation

4.5. Cryaoablation- ( freezing cancer cells)

4.6. Injecting Alcohol into the tumor

4.7. Injection of chemotherapy medication

4.8. radiation if appropriate

4.9. Palliative care if appropriate

5. 2.Pathophysiologic Etiology

5.1. mutations in DNA of Liver Cells

5.2. mutations of cells in other parts of the body that metastasize to the liver

5.3. Cells in the Liver begin to grow out of control and present as tumors that can be categorized as benign or malignant.

6. 3.Causative Factors

6.1. unclear what causes most liver CA, in some instances the cause is known

6.1.1. ex: chronic infection with hep viruses can cause liver cancer(R4)

6.2. mutations in DNA of Liver Cells or other parts of the body that travel to the liver

7. 4.Common Findings, (symptoms?)

7.1. losing weight without trying (R 4)

7.2. loss of apetite

7.3. upper abdominal pain

7.4. nausea and vomitting

7.5. general weakness and fatigue

7.6. abdominal swelling

7.7. jaundice

7.8. white, chalky stools