Who's Taking Care of The Children?

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Who's Taking Care of The Children? by Mind Map: Who's Taking Care of The Children?

1. The reason why more and more women choose to work outside

1.1. Glass Ceiling

1.2. monetary factors

1.3. Flex-time work schedules/ job sharing

1.4. Breadwinner

1.5. stay-at-home

2. Types of family and the way of parents of each type take care of their children

2.1. Extended Family

2.2. Immediate Family

2.2.1. A single-parent family

2.3. Blended Family

2.4. Day-care facilities/ day-care centers

2.5. Nanny

3. The new trend in sharing child-care responsibility

3.1. Work opposite hours or shifts

3.2. Family expenses

3.3. Househusband

3.4. Self-employed

3.5. Technology-computers/ faxes/ teleconferencing