DEAP's Success

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DEAP's Success by Mind Map: DEAP's Success

1. Media

1.1. Members can translate posts in Arabic

1.2. Ask more people to join on social media

1.3. Members share posts with friends here and home

1.4. Members share DEAP content on Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat

1.5. Remind the purpose of the group

1.6. Create Youtube video content

1.7. Share the task that we do on Facebook to inspire other to take initiatives

1.8. Connect and invite blogger/vlogger

1.9. Promote creative and innovative initiatives from around the world/Qatar.

1.10. Share / Talk / Attend environmentally related events in Qatar

1.11. Appreciate / Thank sponsors, partner, volunteers.

1.12. Clarify purpose, respect, fun and equality attitude

1.13. accept new members and delete unrelated posts/add

2. Education & Awareness

2.1. Improve our own group

2.1.1. Research and share findings during clean-up ocean plastic recycling company

2.2. Schools

2.3. Promote recycling

2.4. Promote compost

2.5. Write articles

2.5.1. Promote reusing / zero / less waste

2.6. Create less waste from BBQ/food sharing

2.7. Give interviews

2.7.1. TV

2.7.2. Radio

2.7.3. Pod cast

2.8. Connect people to what is available in Qatar in regards to environmental awareness

2.8.1. Tarsheed - Kharama Awareness Park

2.8.2. Elite Paper recycling plant visit

2.8.3. Qatar National History Group

3. Clean-up

3.1. Before

3.1.1. Create the Facebook event Assign / list task that people can volunteer for Answer questions !

3.1.2. Get bags from the MME

3.1.3. Choose a time and date

3.1.4. Choose a location Google Map with all location details

3.1.5. Define a leader (strict but flexible)

3.1.6. Inform the MME of the clean-up (before)

3.1.7. Transportation post

3.2. During

3.2.1. Bring the banner / Set up on site

3.2.2. Welcome new comers

3.2.3. Explain the clean-up logistic : what need to be pick, meeting point, time, small stuff

3.2.4. Take photos (group, before, after, trash)

3.2.5. Segregate of trash and selling the plastic to self-finance gas cost.

3.2.6. Talk to people on the beach about our purpose! (The Glynis effect)

3.2.7. Post Before and After pictures of the clean-up - on social media

3.2.8. Combine bags and close up / Count / weigh the bags

3.2.9. Food sharing / BBQ

3.3. After

3.3.1. Keep track of all clean-up (excel file)

3.3.2. Contact MME is needed for trash collection

4. Parnership

4.1. Schools

4.1.1. Voltaire, Bonaparte, Swiss School, Charlemagne, German School, Doha College

4.2. Community Groups

4.2.1. I Love Qatar, Qatar Living, Qatar Green Expats, Canadian in Qatar, Indians in Qatar, Qatar Expat Women, When Where and How in Doha, Bola-non association, Couch Surfing, Doha Beach Clean Project, Shell, Qatar Natural History Group, Qatar Volunteers, Silent Volunteers,

4.3. Ministry of Municipality and Environment

4.3.1. Partner with MME to raise awareness in labour camps

4.4. Companies

4.4.1. Qatar International Adventure, Top Moto, Sora Marine Training, Daniel Matallana Méndez (Yoga), Drumming Qatar, Sheikh Faisal Museum

4.4.2. Contact potential activity sponsors