Life of Pi (created by Linh Pham)

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Life of Pi (created by Linh Pham) by Mind Map: Life of Pi (created by Linh Pham)

1. Pi in India

1.1. Pi's beliefs in religions

1.1.1. hindu

1.1.2. catholic higher power someone is looking out for Pi Karma there is a master plan

1.1.3. muslim

2. Pi in Canada

3. Pi on the Ocean

3.1. Fighting to survive

3.1.1. against Richard Parker staying one step ahead of RP training the RP to coexist fighting RP for food

3.1.2. against nature the heat the thirst and hunger staying afloat self growth against the killer island

3.1.3. against self keeping the faith resist the urge to kill keeping busy to stay sane