Software Architecture

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Software Architecture by Mind Map: Software Architecture

1. What is software architecture?

2. How modelling software architecture?

3. What quality factors are relationed wuth software architecture?

4. Why is important software architecture?

5. Detecting the necessary protocols.

6. developed techniques gives a level of maturity to this complexity.

7. Identify quality attributes to meet the objectives.

8. Make the whole system easier.

9. Scalability.- Responds user actions in a acceptable amount on time, even if load increases.

10. Performance.- Response time of the software.

11. Align application development with business objectives

12. Set of significant decisions

13. A clear assignment of functions to the components

14. Principles of conceptual integrity

15. guide for software development team

16. It is the base for software to be developed effectively.

17. Security.-Requirements for the software to develop normally.

18. By knowing the abstract behavior, and what are the architectural elements.

19. Is primordial for the understanding the negotiation and the communication

20. Achieve a UML is one way.

21. Structures that describe the different points of view.