EDUG 831: Drilling Down (DM)

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EDUG 831: Drilling Down (DM) by Mind Map: EDUG 831: Drilling Down (DM)

1. Ergonomics

1.1. Basic terms

1.1.1. NEED to know?

1.1.2. Examples

1.1.3. Visuals Diagrams Infographics Images Anatomy

1.2. Importance to project

1.2.1. Posture Sitting Correct/Incorrect

1.2.2. Chair design Best for proper posture Need to have vs Nice to have

1.2.3. Selling points Who/What would this be best for Bad back Comfort Focus Work/Leisure

2. Aesthetics

2.1. Basic Looks

2.1.1. What are they? Sleek Modern Cottage Utilitarian Sport Rugged Comfy

2.1.2. How many? Similar Different Just a few? Just one?

2.1.3. Popular? What is selling now? What does it go with?

2.2. Where it's appropriate

2.2.1. Atmosphere Room Decor Season Activity Business Event

2.2.2. Why is it selling? Who is buying?

2.3. Functions

2.3.1. Does the form lend to function? What are the functions?

2.3.2. Useful?

2.3.3. Only decor?

3. Construction

3.1. Tools

3.1.1. Saw Safety Dos and Donts Protective gear

3.1.2. Impact driver/drill

3.1.3. Sander

3.2. Materials

3.2.1. Wood Pieces Dimenstions Quantity Types Cedar Dowels Quantity Size

3.2.2. Wood glue How much? One tube?

3.2.3. Screws Size? Quantity? Type?

3.3. Steps

3.3.1. Measurements Pieces Holes

3.3.2. Cuts Angles How many?

3.3.3. Holes Size Where Why

3.3.4. Sanding Grade Area Why

3.3.5. Assembly Steps Base Legs Seat Back Finish Tools? Impact Driver Sander Materials Cut pieces Screws Glue Dowels