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TeachMe.com by Mind Map: TeachMe.com

1. About Us

1.1. A Teaching Platform that allow you learn anything thing you want

1.1.1. Knowledge Base Primary school course, Secondly school course, University course, and so on

1.1.2. Hard and Soft skill Marketing skill, Cooking skill, Coding Skill and so on

1.2. Be one of the tutor that let you earn casual income

1.2.1. Be a Full Time Tutor

1.2.2. Be a Part Time Tutor

1.3. 24 hour/7 day, learn your knowledge anytime and anywhere

2. Inspire By ServisHero

2.1. Southeast Asia's leading mobile marketplace for services

2.2. Market expanded to Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand

2.3. Found in 1 Feb 2015, total fund 2.7m USD within 3 year

2.4. Objective

2.4.1. Provide a platform that let the user can connect to the service provider in the shot period by using mobile apps

2.4.2. Improve the quality of the service provider by using review and rating system

2.4.3. SME or even the individual worker have the more chances to receive job

3. Design Concept

3.1. Light bulb Represent as knowledge and idea. We put light bulb as logo so that when people look at it, they can know that our platform is related to knowledge

3.2. Color The color in this website mainly is white color. White color can be present as purity and professional. We hope our website can bring out the professional and the knowledge is purity feeling to the audience.

3.3. User Friendly We make this website easily to use and easily to understand in order to prevent the audience have the confuse feeling when using our website.

4. Objective

4.1. Benefit the society

4.1.1. In order to offer the chance for the users to teach and learn the difference knowledge.

4.1.2. Build the nice and quality hobby.

4.1.3. Cultivation talent and intelligentsia

5. Attractiveness

5.1. User friendly interface

5.2. Harmony in layout and color assortment.

5.3. There are many options for the user to choose the different courses in different platform.

5.4. Interactive

6. Founder Team

6.1. Yip Zhen Yi Advertising Student from UTAR Student entreprenuer 3 year experience in Sales and Networking 1 year experience in Business Development and Marketing

6.1.1. Facebook

6.1.2. LinkedIn

6.2. Eu Ai Ping Advertising Student from UTAR Experience in graphic design

6.2.1. Facebook

6.2.2. LinkedIn