Pittsburgh Penguins

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Pittsburgh Penguins by Mind Map: Pittsburgh Penguins

1. Hockey Operations

1.1. In charge of coaching decisions throughout season

1.2. Involved with training players on and off season

1.3. In charge of scouting/trade responsibilities

1.4. Team operations (travel, scheduling, etc)

1.5. Involved with game feed and video (Tech department)

2. New Media

2.1. Creates content for social media platforms

2.2. Engages with fans on social media

2.3. Creates graphics/video to support team content

2.4. Creates new ways to engage with team and fans

2.5. Studies data of content effectiveness to keep/adapt social media models

3. Technology

3.1. Involved with game feed/audio used to help players train

3.2. Involved with creating and developing content for in game display/use

3.3. Works with NHL officials in creating and sending content for official review

3.4. Works with arena lighting and audio for events/games

3.5. Maintains and operates tech systems to keep arena/stadium running

4. Marketing

4.1. Promotes sports events and team

4.2. Promotes sports products and services

4.3. Creates content to appeal old and new fans to the “brand”

4.4. Uses grassroots techniques to engage in person to sell the “brand”

4.5. Works with other departments like New Media to continue engaging fans, incorporating sponsorships, etc

5. Ticketing

5.1. Creates target goals to reach as a team

5.2. Creates new ways to get fans in seats

5.3. Sells ticket packages to fans depending on preference (1 day, half season, full season, club level packages, etc)

5.4. Creates opportunities for group sales (birthdays, raffles, etc)

5.5. Tracks data to improve each season