SCI1125 Professional Science: Brochure Project Plan

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SCI1125 Professional Science: Brochure Project Plan by Mind Map: SCI1125 Professional Science: Brochure Project Plan

1. Original template

2. Microsoft Sway

3. Decide on which Communication Platform to use

3.1. Lets get this done ASAP so we can collaborate on everything else

4. Resources

4.1. Members:

4.1.1. Brayden

4.1.2. Marck

4.1.3. Bella

4.1.4. Tahlia

4.1.5. Sunobha

4.2. Assets

4.2.1. Platforms Web Wix Weebly Blogger Wordpress Code it in PHP 5 and HTML Desktop Microsoft Publisher Microsoft Word Google Docs (Collaborative Mode) Microsoft PowerPoint

4.2.2. Information Sources ECU WorldSearch

4.2.3. Content (Before Sunday) Brayden Sunobha Tahlia Marck

4.2.4. Content (Final Versions) Brayden Sunobha Tahlia Marck

4.3. Image sources (brochure)

5. Scope

5.1. What is included

5.2. What is excluded

6. Constraints

6.1. Requirements

7. Overview

7.1. Tasks

7.1.1. Complete Team Guidelines Final Copy Require Bella and Sunobha's votes prior to uploading Deadline has passed but we still need the votes to proceed.

7.1.2. Complete Team Jobs Allocation lets all get on a communication platform so we can discuss

7.1.3. Decide which Design Platform to use for Brochure vote?

7.1.4. Decide Brochure Topic

7.2. Deliverables

7.2.1. Brochure (Top Priority)

8. Project Theme

8.1. Nanotechnology in space

8.2. Self-Replicating Nanotechnology

8.3. Nanotechnology and Plants

9. Method of Delivery

9.1. Website

9.1.1. Advantages Interactive Can add different style / feel

9.1.2. Disadvantages Requires additional learning to use website creator tools

9.2. Brochure

9.2.1. Advantages Easy to create a brochure

9.2.2. Disadvantages bland/plain method of delivery

10. Agreement of Team Guidelines

10.1. Copy of Original Guidelines

10.2. Suggested Additions/Changes/Removals

10.3. Final Copy (Has not changed as the agreed upon version is the Final Copy)

11. Communication Platform(for online sessions)

11.1. Mindmeister

11.2. Blackboard

11.3. Discord

11.4. Skype

11.5. Snapchat

11.6. Facebook


11.8. Whatsapp

12. Allocations of Job and Schedule

12.1. Week 5

12.1.1. The TO DO List Start a wix site (can we all work on the one page?) / share Everyone choose an application of nanotechnology in space for a page (we can own our own?) Overall structure of our site Referencing collection page?

12.1.2. Top Priorities getting everyone onto an easy platform to communicate e.g. Discord/Facebook/Whatsap Lets vote! DIscord Deciding on a Project theme Nanotechnology in Space Deciding on a platform to Collaborate Wix

12.2. Week 6

12.2.1. Decide on design / colours/ fonts/ appearance/ follow design rules

12.2.2. Do we need a landing page? prior to overview or can we pop the overview on landing page

12.2.3. Draft Overview of applications and Nanotechnology in space for first page

12.3. Week 7

12.3.1. Edit references to conform with APA formatting (indenting and spacing especially)

12.3.2. Finalise style to ensure consistency across pages

12.3.3. Pull final Discord chatlogs and upload to MM

12.3.4. Each member must upload final version of their web content to MM under the relevant section. One member is to consolidate this into a single Word document or PDF file, place the name of each member at the top of their section and finally submit it to Turnitin to check for plagiarism.

12.3.5. A third-party plagiarism check before Turnitin isn't mandatory but would be very helpful, My checker has already found hits for plagiarised text on some of the pages. This must be fixed or risk the consequences for the theft. At this point it would be better for you to submit an empty page than to steal from another author.

13. Task 2: FInalising criteria for marking brochures and web pages

13.1. Visual Interests

13.1.1. Use of balance effectively

13.1.2. Use of colour to enhance message (Example)

13.1.3. Use of contrast to draw the reader in

13.1.4. Use of proper alignment to group sections

13.1.5. Visually appealing use of images related to the current topic

13.1.6. Effective use of whitespace to make the information readable and clutter free

13.2. Content

13.2.1. Use of appropriate content for the target audience (Example) Content Accuracy

13.2.2. Use of structured content (Intro/ Organised sub topics/ conclusion etc)

13.2.3. Use of relevant content related to the topic

13.2.4. Conveying the topic in a way that doesn't overload the reader

13.3. Readability and Legibility

13.3.1. Use of grouping to organize information (Example) Properly structured paragraphs

13.3.2. Correct spelling and grammar

13.3.3. Clear fonts and style

13.3.4. Use of accurate and sourceable information

13.4. Academic Details

13.4.1. Inclusion of relevant references (APA standards)

13.4.2. Use of an academic writing style

13.4.3. Include details concisely without excess information

14. Evidence of communication

14.1. Discord

14.1.1. Week 6 7/04/2018 12:27 PM Sydney time chat logs

14.1.2. Week 7 15/04/2018 AM Sydney time chat logs

14.1.3. Week 7 15/04/2018 10:33 PM West Australian Time chat logs

14.2. Group Email

14.2.1. Group Email 13/4/18

14.3. Blackboard Thread

14.3.1. Blackboard Thread 13/4/18

15. Website link

15.1. Violet Nano

16. Design and Layout of the Site

16.1. Colours

16.1.1. Use of light colours in contrast with dark - light teal with dark background and white content area with dark font and images.

16.2. Fonts

16.2.1. Times New Roman

16.2.2. Arial

16.2.3. Arial

16.3. Style (Artistic or Academic ect)

16.3.1. Academic and engaging

16.4. Layout

16.4.1. Should evolve as each page comes together (Marck's put together the majority of the design on his own, make use of his choices) I've fixed up my and Sunz pages to match with the overall design -tahlia

17. Brochure & MM site Marks