What Should the Website Be About?

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What Should the Website Be About? by Mind Map: What Should the Website Be About?

1. My little pony

2. The affect of Earphones on people.

3. Middle School

3.1. school

3.2. Life as a 7th grader

4. ICSA community

5. music

5.1. music,culture?

6. The music we listen to today or something like that

7. holidays? vacation?

8. battleground is better than fortnite

9. Food

9.1. Food

9.2. McDonald is very toxic

10. Cultures

10.1. special features of different cultures

11. Puberty

12. Are video games good for chidren's life

12.1. Is gaming bad for you or Not

12.1.1. I agree with is gaming bad for you

12.1.2. Fortnite vs Overwatch , which is the best????

12.1.3. Fortnite?

13. do phone is good for children or teeneger