African Resitancd to colonial rule

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African Resitancd to colonial rule by Mind Map: African Resitancd to colonial rule

1. Political Resistance

1.1. Formally organized political parties and trade unions

1.2. When becoming independent, many parties and politicians sought by their own rules

1.3. Violent resistance to colonial rule

1.4. Mass uprisings and sporadic guerilla attacks in South Africa

1.5. Many students were beaten, arrested and killed

1.6. Students began to resist the rule and chart own destiny

1.7. Africans were mindful of European social and political environment

1.8. Biggest reason for Resistance: protecting their interests, and survive throughout European military aggression and political dominance

2. Religious & Cultural Resistance

2.1. Africans used local movements to push away the Europeans

2.2. 1929 Aba Women's Revolt

2.3. Women played a major part in social and economic autonomy

2.4. Protest spread throughout the region, furthering their spread of resistance

2.5. Worked to protect their political and economic interest

2.6. Africans preferred to remove themselves from the colonial situation than change it

3. Difficulties in Resistance

3.1. Different tribes battling with each other

3.2. Lack of African identity: nationalism

3.3. Complex relationship with African politics

3.4. Africans had choice of collaboration or resistance

3.5. Samory was a huge contender with resistance of French rule