African Resistance to European Conquest

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African Resistance to European Conquest by Mind Map: African Resistance to European Conquest

1. African Response to Europeans:

1.1. violence

1.1.1. Strategies adopted by Ethiopia enable them to avoid Italian conquest

1.1.2. The formation of alliances in order to overpower the European rule

1.1.3. Often were outmatched by machine guns

1.1.4. Germans placing some African tribes in concentration camps

1.2. cultural

1.2.1. It was not uncommon for some African tribes to form an alliance with the Europeans in order to defeat another tribe

1.2.2. Produced tension as a result of questionable power distribution

1.2.3. Cause individuals to dissociate from their African tribes to avoid being influenced instead of challenging the system

1.3. religious

1.3.1. Was used as a means to protect their communal autonomy

1.3.2. A means of African citizens to identify themselves outside of their society

1.3.3. Explains why some African tribe members were more willing to assist the Europeans than their tribe

2. Conditions in Africa prior to Conquest

2.1. Tribes and groups had been having territorial and religious disputes for many decades

2.2. African people and animals had developed immunities to the diseases that wrought the continent and had adapted to live in the arid and rainy seasons

2.3. Tribes had developed complex trade relations with each other and mostly did not want to partner with the foreign Europeans

3. Imperialism:

3.1. The Europeans had begun to expand to other nations and spread their culture in an effort to "civilize" the other countries

3.2. The whites had tasted silver and would not settle for pennies, so to speak, and sought to expand and take advantage of the resources and people of as many places as possible

3.3. The Europeans thought that since they had already had industrialized, that they were the best in the world, and felt that all others were inferior because they were different