Design Thesis form(solve)

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Design Thesis form(solve) by Mind Map: Design Thesis form(solve)

1. Research

1.1. Current Issues

1.1.1. Greying Population Wealthier Citizens Cosmetics / Plastic Surgery

1.1.2. Medical Hub as an economic Driver

1.1.3. Tourism as source of foreign income Medical Tourism Figures

1.1.4. Mandatory Greenbuilding Regulations

1.2. Crystal Ball

1.2.1. Pervasive use of technology Computational Design (concept/schematic) Input Output Building Information Modeling (D&D/construction) Evolution Intelligent Information Smart Building Management system (Post-occupation) Thermostat control Night Purging Solar Tracking

1.2.2. New paradigm Thinking 4D, Building lifecycle Environmental Concerns Designing Relationships Evolutionary Design

1.3. Casestudies

1.3.1. Medical Design International

1.3.2. Hybrid Urbanspace

1.3.3. Gleneagles Medical Centre

1.3.4. "Hospital of the Future"

2. Site

2.1. Site Parcel

2.1.1. Urban Design Guidelines People Mover System reserve of 19m public plaza integrate with the primary and secondary pedestrian routes as well as the public side tables and the open spaces on adjacent sites. contiguous pedestrian shelter from the CCL entrance/exit to the primary pedestrian route Covered Linkways & walkways coverage of the built up or enclosed areas at first storey of the proposed development shall not exceed 60% minimum 7m wide double storey high linear urban lobby to serve as the barrier-free primary route for pedestrians Retail or F&B uses up to 2000 sqm GFA shall be provided along this key pedestrian spine link Pedestrian Overhead Bridge shall be maximum 6.0m wide with minimum 4.0m clear width for circulation. intermediate structural supports for the bridge shall be located only within the green buffer area of parcel LX-2-15. Action zone shall be connected to the through-block pedestrian spine and to the pedestrian overhead bridge across North Buona Vista Drive 100% Built-to-line along North Buona Vista Road 70% Built-to-line along PMS reserve 50% Built-to-line along LX-1-2 The maximum height of the development shall not exceed 125m AMS Landscaped sky voids shall be provided on the higher levels of the development fronting North Buona Vista Road and PMS reserve. An area equivalent to minimum 2% of the total GFA shall be used for provision of sky voids

2.1.2. GFA Requirements

2.2. One-North Masterplan

3. Program

3.1. Mediplex

3.1.1. Medical Suites

3.1.2. Serviced Apartments / Hotel

3.1.3. Shopping Center / Retail

4. CAD Tools

4.1. Rhino3d

4.1.1. Grasshopper Pattern to Panel Surface Sub-Division for Panelisation Tower Twister Wave Weaver Solid Slicer Quad Paneliser 3d Polkariser Excel-Link

4.1.2. Rhinoscript Call Ecotect Save/Load Ecotect Mesh Data Voronoi Tessellation Boolean Difference

4.2. Sketchup

4.2.1. Rubyscript

4.3. Revit

4.3.1. Parametrics

4.4. Ecotect

4.4.1. Luascript Start/Save Simulations

4.5. Excel

4.5.1. AHP model

4.5.2. Cellular Automata

5. Algorithms : Design Techniques 'Form + Solving'

5.1. Form - Generating / Finding

5.1.1. Traditional Line,Edge,Shade (Trend) Precedent Studies (Vernacular) Classical order (golden ratios)

5.1.2. Emergent Re/Generative Processes Fractals Bio Mimicry Morphogenetic techniques L-system Cellular Automata

5.2. Problem / Space - Solving

5.2.1. Multiple-Criteria Decision Making Elements Goals,objectives & criteria to be achieved Needs to be fultilled Constraints & requirements associated with and affected by decision environment which the decision must be made experience and background of the decision maker Purpose help decision maker to think sysmatically about complex decision problems and improve quality of resulting decisions Methods Weighted Scoring Perference-based Techniques analytic hierarchy process AHP Outranking Methods Goal Programming

5.2.2. Geometric Solving of Constraint Problems Critical Path Method Gantt Chart Voronoi Tesselation Average Neighbours <=6 Delaunay Triangulation Landform approximation Graph Plotting Finding Maxima and minima for quadratic equations


6.1. Urgent

6.1.1. Solve Units

6.2. Important

6.2.1. Spatial adjacency

7. Critque

7.1. TBK

7.1.1. 20081007 MIT Simmons Hall Parameters

7.1.2. 20081014 Visual Images to illustrate design technique MVRDV - KM3 Program Requirements Paragon Medical Issue with coming up with the initial form Workflow diagram for Interim

7.1.3. 20081114 Thesis Brief Think about zone relationships Thesis Prep Presentation Outline

7.1.4. 20090113 Schedule Green - Environmental Factors

7.1.5. 20090205 Refine Thesis Qn Sky Void Typologies

7.1.6. 20090217 Sketch Design of a single Cluster Add Central Void to allow for ventilation on both sides Try rules for single tier

7.1.7. 20090303 Tweak Cellular Automata Rules to get other non-rational alternatives Start Site Model Think about relationship of program and sky Parks Rework Diagrams to Show Clarity Esher Visual Illusion Values for Simulation Seperate different Iterations of simulation results

7.2. Interim 20081021

7.2.1. CKM Document Process for presentation When is the architect's intervention What is the input What is the evalutaion criteria

7.2.2. KK Is there a final result Job Interviews Take on an existing brief Can it be universally applied Site specific environmental context Site specific urban design guidelines

7.2.3. Others HLM studio Agent Based Pedestrian Simulation Urban Program

7.3. Guest Crit

7.3.1. LLC

7.3.2. MTC Thesis too complex and complicated Reduce Scope 5 Attributes of a good planner Visionary Socialist Must have breath and depth of knowledge "A Loving Heart for people" The Loving Heart

7.3.3. PH Change PMS route into Building Tiered Retail Goundfloor

7.3.4. WW Transfer floors 8m for 100m cantilever Cross-bracing on facade instead of sheerwall Mega Column at corner 600mm for soil / 300mm for slab 600mm-1000mm columns

7.3.5. JH Water Volume of water tank = 270units x 30 m3/mth / 30days 5x4m Water Pump Room Electricity 8x3m Main distribution Rm (Ground) 2x1m Switch Rm (per floor) Aircon 15x8m Chiller Rm 8x6m AHU (per floor) Fire 500m3 Sprinkler Tank 8x8m Pump Rm Rain 50m3 Rainwater collection tank Others 0.6-0.8 false ceiling

7.4. Thesis Prep 20081125

7.4.1. HB No 'Spirit', Vision? Architecture Program does not link with software Program

7.4.2. TTK Wrong Hospital too complex going to ground the project

7.5. Interim 20090210

7.5.1. HB Services / Circulation Not considered Need to set thesis assumptions clearly in the begining

7.5.2. TTK Scripters only work for 'God'-like architects Suggests Single Use Art Muesum

7.5.3. TBK No point generating rubbish for the designer to correct later

7.5.4. Dennis Consider Permutating Clusters

7.6. Interim 20090310

7.6.1. TBK Color Scheme too dark Need to demonstrate feasibility of design

7.6.2. JLEM Locate different types of apartments around sky-parks double access Consider EW Site Orientation and Location of Voids Block Sun and allow cool air for cross ventillation Circulation Different elevator shafts Access to apartments / corridors Household shelters Use of staircase core Shaping of Voids Maximise light and ventilation access to apartments Views to key vistas

7.6.3. KN More Constrains More programming Might not yield solution

7.7. Examination

7.7.1. Internal TTK Technically Fail as plans dont work HB Despite many many designs , it is the designer that gives intelligence to the design Feedback is important because you might never know you are driving off a cliff KN Process can be done manually , but it is time consuming resolution of sharp edges TBK technical issues Plans do not show intention of sky-gardens Process is linear, sometimes designers work backwards

7.7.2. External CB Project is about shape grammer Bedrooms with internal views Project could be better expressed as decay of a large mass Disconnect between plans and perspective Prevailing wind direction not considered TGB Forget about machine Architects must design good plans Spaces have no human scale