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Operations System by Mind Map: Operations System

1. Paver resoration

2. Pressure washing

2.1. Before leaving shop

2.1.1. Crew chief Arrival at shop before other guys All materials and equipment in truck Gas levels in truck and cans Information + advertizing materials Makes sure route for day is clear Lawn signs are in truck ( min 3) Brochures and door hangers are in truck

2.1.2. Lead Technician Arrival on time with proper personal equipment and uniform May assist crew chief in preparing vehicle

2.1.3. Assistant technician Arrival on time with proper personal equipement and uniform

2.2. Arrival at jobsite

2.2.1. Crew chief 1) Parks safely 2) Meets client Intruductions and opening statement Pre-job Walk around States expectations for day Asks and notices any obstacles Asks about lawn sign 3) Takes " Before" pictures" May delegate to Lead Technician if needed 4) Joins crew to work on job leads crew delegates tasks addresses potential clients or client's questions

2.2.2. Lead Technician Set up equipment Garden hose to back yard un-rolling pressure washer hoses Set up of protection for property Putting on personal cleaning gear Starting machinery

2.2.3. Assistant Technitians

2.3. Throughout job

2.3.1. Crew chief Keeps job moving Assess time frame and gives breaks and lunch Sends Assistant off to pass flyers once job is under way and going well

2.3.2. Lead Technician Follows lead from crew chief keeps machines full of gas delegates to Assistant

2.3.3. Assistant Focuses on clean up and making cleaning up of job-site faster for other team members Moves plywood and protective materials ahead of cleaners to speed process Passes out flyers and door hangers if needed ( as instructed by crew cheif) May pressure wash if needed ( expected - 25% of the time

2.4. End of Jobsite

2.4.1. Crew chief 1) Final walk double check Modify if needed 2) Walk through with client address any concerns ( document) explain next steps ( if any ) 3) Point out particulars Collect check ( if applicable Ask for referrals, give literature 3) Equipment Makes sure all equipment is safely stowed and accounted for before leaving. Any broken or damaged equipment must be documented via Voxer Gas levels monitored and filled up before leaving jobsite. 4) Return to shop or to next job. Process is repeated 5) Documentation Keys and reciepts must be filled out and places on designated area every day Log must be filled daily

2.4.2. Lead Techician Arranges that equipment is put away in truck Plywoods and tarps rinsed and stored Caution tape installed ( if needed) Personal protection equipement cleaned and stored Water hose is last to be put away Stop water at house Street and client's house and property is clean and no traces of sand remain Gate closed and latched

2.4.3. Assistant Technician Helps Lead Technician Personal protection equipement cleaned and stored

3. Polymeric sand installation