L'école en France

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L'école en France by Mind Map: L'école en France

1. college is yr 7,8,9 and 10

1.1. the lunches are cheap and designed by a dietitian, the chef and the council

2. Religious clothing is not allowed because of the French Revolution

3. At school

3.1. P1, Form, P2, Interval, P3, P4, Lunch, P5

3.2. French, Maths, Science, English,

4. Possibly watching T.V until it' s time to go to school

5. School chefs go out to get their own ingredients

6. morning we usually we wake up between 6:30 - 7:30. have a shower then get into school clothes, after we pack our bag, lunch and things needed for the day. After this we eat breakfast which is usually cereal or toast. Then we do chores such as Washing, cleaning dishes, rubbish e.t.c. then we get to school at around 8:30 by walking, driving or bussing

7. when they're the legal age they're allowed to smoke

8. we arrive at school at 8-8:30am then we had to first period at 8:45am then we head to form time at T10 or the bgt if we have assembly. then we period then we have interval

9. three course meals are served

10. Getting to school

11. Brushing our teeth

12. French education is free and compulsory from ages six to 16, but the majority start before then.

13. Having a shower or washing face

14. 36 weeks of schooling each year.

15. School Subjects -Le theatre -La musique -L’EPS -L’anglais -L’histoire -Les maths -Le geo -Les sciences -Les arts plastiques -La francais -Les travaux manual -L'espagnol -L’allemagne -L’informatique -Lunch

15.1. they learn 4 languages

16. School grades are posted publicly

17. council officials are involved in planning meals weeks in advance

18. 16 Week Holiday

19. Details

20. No vending machines

21. they learn 3 languages

22. Cinq

23. Deux

23.1. Details

23.2. Cooks serve meals to students

23.3. They do la Bise with their friends

23.4. they don't have fizzy drink and some kids have never had any before

23.5. and

23.5.1. Coke isn't allowed

23.6. School have mufti

23.7. You can leave school for lunch

23.8. High School: Lycée

23.8.1. Middle School: collége Primary School: école

23.9. Students are not allowed to wear religious symbols

23.10. Council Officials are involved in planning the school lunch

23.11. Smoking is allowed

23.11.1. Class sizes tend to be quite big, there is often one teacher for some 30 or more students.

23.12. French schools offer very few extracurriculars

23.13. French school are free.

23.14. Education is compulsory between ages 6-16

24. Un

24.1. no religous symbols

24.1.1. no unifrom

24.2. French students don't have school Wednesday afternoons

24.3. you can go home for lunch

24.3.1. they get served healthy 3 course meals

24.3.2. they send a sheet home saying what they'll be eating and suggest meals to eat at home

24.4. lunch is a class

24.5. they have no vending machines

24.6. They don't have assesments instead they have one big end of year exam

24.7. they use 24 hour time

24.8. They love certificates

25. Trois

25.1. Le College Yr7-Yr10 ( Middle School )

25.1.1. Le Lycee Yr11-Yr13 ( High School ) l' Ecole Yr 1 - Yr10 School starts @8:00Pm - 4:00pm

25.2. healthy food

25.2.1. meals are planned they recommend what to have for dinner Lunch is a class

25.3. no vending machine

25.4. Les Maths

25.4.1. Les Sciences L'Geographie L'Histoire

25.5. Les Traveux Manuel

25.5.1. Les Arts Plastiques Les musique Les Informatique

25.6. French students can learn up to Two - Three languages.

25.6.1. They can choose among languages like German, English, Spanish, Italian, etc.

26. Six

26.1. la bise

26.2. students can go home for meals

26.3. students are served meals

26.4. no uniforms

26.5. no coke

26.5.1. We have books ready the night before or keep them in lockers

26.6. no religious symbols can be worn

26.7. school days go from around 8:30am to 4:30pm

26.8. Do the students in France have Form Time?

26.9. kindergarten is optional

26.10. Do they have assemblies in france?

26.11. lunch is considered a class

26.11.1. smoking allowed in school

26.11.2. How many classes do they have?

26.11.3. there are three schooling stages: primary, middle and high school la bise

26.12. subjects include...

26.12.1. la musique l'thearte

27. Typical School day in NZ

27.1. Groupe 1

27.2. Group 2

27.3. We bus, walk and drive. We are all within 3-35 minutes from the school.

27.4. Groupe 3

27.4.1. We have five subjects a day. Interval is 25 minutes and we have 5 minutes to get to class. Lunch is 40 minutes and we also have 5 minutes to get to class. Majority of us bring our own lunch but there is tuck shop avaliable.

27.4.2. Our typical day is we wake up between 5-8 am. we have a shower then have breakfast between then we look at what day it is then put the book that we will need for that day or if we need pe gear. then we leave for school from 7:59-8:40am to walk or drive before and after school activities

27.5. Groupe 4

27.5.1. Getting ready: Have breakfast Get dressed for school Pack for school Brush teeth Sometimes have a nap Wake up at 6:30 - 7:30 Shower

27.5.2. Getting to school Bus Car Walk Bike

27.6. Groupe 6

27.6.1. Our typical day includes: Waking up between 5 and 7 Getting dressed My typical day is: Wake up at 6:30-7:30, get ready for school, take out the rubbish, take out the dog/pets(feed as well), do the washing, do the dishwasher, eat breakfast(cereal, toast, porridge), and brush teeth, get changed, make lunch (from the night before), get homework/PE gear ready. Then I walk/bus/drive to school at around 8:30am. Packing our bags (Books, P.E Gear, Lunch,etc.) Going on devices Brush or comb hair Walking, going in the car, or bussing to school

27.6.2. Wait outside classroom until the bell rings

27.6.3. Once at school: Might go to locker Meet up with friends

27.6.4. At interval: Go to the cafeteria Sit with friends Eat our morning tea

27.7. Once we get to school first from 8:45- 9:45 we have science then til 10:00 we have form. Then we have science from 10:00-11:00 the we have morning tea untill 11:25. Then we have 5 minutes to walk to P.E which lasts until 12:30. Then from 12:30-1:30 we have social studies. Then we have lunch where we eat food we've brought from home wherever we please. Then from 2:15-3:15 we have maths.