U.S History - Mr Nebel

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U.S History - Mr Nebel by Mind Map: U.S History - Mr Nebel

1. The Civil War

1.1. This was difficult at the start and then when you find out some knowledge it was easier

1.2. I liked learning about the north and south

1.3. I liked learning about there differences and how they acted towards slavery

2. Expansion and Conflict

2.1. This chapter was not too difficult

2.2. It tock me time to get used to my new teacher

2.3. I liked this chapter because we learnt about different Americans

3. Sectional Conflick Increase

3.1. This chapter was hard because there were alot of battles to remember

3.2. It was interesting to learn about electral votes and popular votes

3.3. I like this chapter alot because it taught me about life and politics

4. Politics in the Gilded age

4.1. This is the last chapter that we have done

4.2. It was interesting to see how politics cheated there way

4.3. They would offer jobs in return for votes

5. Exam

5.1. Mr Nebel has given us a study guide which is very helpful

5.2. I have nearly finished making my notes for my exam