My Personal Network

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My Personal Network by Mind Map: My Personal Network

1. My dad: Paul, he works up north in Fort Mcmurray in the oil sands, he also used to be a mechanic he could help me with knowing the basics of a car and what could happen if i break down or my battery dies.

2. My best friend Kristen's mom: Corrine, she is an emergency nurse at Kelowna General Hospital, she could help me if I wanted to job shadow her as I would like to do something in the medical field.

3. My Grandpa: Robert, he is a carpenter, he could help me if I needed to build something as he is very crafty.

4. My coach/ teacher : Mr. B, he knows lots of sports medicine stuff and people that do it, he could help me by teaching my some taping techniques and wrapping techniques.

5. My neighbor: Kevin, he is a bank manager, he can help me with my savings and make sure my money is being well managed.

6. Margo Mcgarvey: she is an ADC teacher and she could help me find job opportunities and help me figure out what to do for post secondary school.

7. Mrs. Price: She is a counceller at my school and she is very helpful and very intellegent, Mrs. Price can help me find some post secondary options.

8. My sister: Mykayla, she plays soccer at a very high level, she can help me by improving my skills to become a better player and hopefully get more opportunities with collage coaches.

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9. My Mom: Leanne, she works at a church as an administrator for little kids, she can help me by putting out a good word for me to babysit children from the church, or get volunteer hours in the church.

10. My manager: Jo-anne, she has many connections with other job titles and knows a ton of people she could help me get exposed to different jobs quickly.

11. My parents friends: Leanne and Gord, Leanne is a stay at home mom and also lives down the road from me, she can help me if I ever need anything when my mom isn't home or if I ever need help making something Gord is very crafty.

12. My cardiologist: He could he me seek jobs for my future or give me an idea on what I want to do later on in life.