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Thesis Statement # 7 (Learning Spontaneity) by Mind Map: Thesis Statement # 7 (Learning Spontaneity)
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Thesis Statement # 7 (Learning Spontaneity)

1. Christianity invites us to a peculiar freedom and happiness, which is a share in God's own life.

"It is for freedom Christ set us free" (Galatians 5:1)

The point of Christianity is that there is a point to our lives which we are striving towards, though we may fail to explain pain and suffering now

We should have a freedom and happiness that would make no sense if God did not exist

We are to take on the life of Christ as He was crucified and thus be able to participate in fellowship with God (for which we were created)

We need to be liberated from whatever holds us captive if we are to speak with conviction of freedom

Jesus offers us a freedom from all that oppresses humanity

Liberation theology is not just reducing freedom to an interior state or political programme

2. Jesus did not use the freedom of the marketplace.

Jesus' freedom was radical and more than what Judas ever imagined (a mere reshuffling of political leaders)

Jesus talked about a freedom which demanded the transformation of what it means for us to be alive.

Freedom of the marketplace: to choose between alternatives

Choosing is a hard but necessary part of becoming free

Freedom entails awareness of the opposition to help inform our own stand and learn from them

3. He did not offer an explanation of Christian freedom but rather actualized it in the Last Supper, a culmination of the choices that He made.

Judas Iscariot


The Last Supper

4. The Last Supper invites us to deeper freedom, the freedom of spontaneity, and ultimately the freedom of giving away our lives.

The last Supper invites us to Freedom -- freedom is a choice to be -- freedom is not something to have but something you are

We can never only be victims

freedom of spontaneity

Our relationship to God in relation to our freedom must be reevaluated

The freedom of giving away our lives