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Welcome by Mind Map: Welcome

1. User

1.1. See the biographies of doctors

1.2. Surgeries success rate

1.3. Patients opinion about surgery

2. Sign up ( as patient )

2.1. Write data

2.1.1. See the biographies of doctors

2.1.2. Surgeries success rate

2.1.3. Patients opinion about surgery

2.1.4. Communication with your doctor Phone call Chat

2.1.5. Your opinion on the surgery you performed and Evaluation Add your opinion Evaluate the success rate of surgery

3. Sign up ( as doctor )

3.1. Write data

3.1.1. Patients opinion about surgery

3.1.2. Enter your biography

3.1.3. Knowing the tools required for the surgeries Check the number of tools after surgery

3.1.4. Communication with patients Phone call Chat

3.1.5. Watching the latest medical tools

3.1.6. Create a schedule of surgeries and activate alerts Schedule calendar

3.1.7. Sending alerts and notifications to patients