Concert Ticket PoS/Validation

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Concert Ticket PoS/Validation by Mind Map: Concert Ticket PoS/Validation

1. Shopify

1.1. Webhook data to the server

1.2. Validate the the webhook using private key

1.3. Email customer with receipt

1.4. If customer request a refund

1.4.1. Remove code from database with another webhook

2. Server

2.1. Receive info from webhook

2.1.1. Insert data into database

2.1.2. Generate a ticket using the code

2.1.3. Send ticket to customers email

2.2. Validate the ticket codes

2.2.1. When validated, it should then invalidate the ticket

2.3. PHP API for database

2.3.1. Customers

2.3.2. Ticket Type

2.3.3. Front door swag

2.3.4. Full list of customers

3. Mobile App

3.1. Scan QR code

3.1.1. Get code from QR code

3.1.2. Validate code with server

3.1.3. Query database for Front Door Swag to be given to customer at the front door

3.2. Query database for full list of customers

3.2.1. Have data preloaded

3.2.2. Have the ability to update list