Inuit Ecology

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Inuit Ecology by Mind Map: Inuit Ecology

1. Biotic: There are humans and dogs inhabiting the cities

1.1. Biotic/Abiotic Factors

1.1.1. Abiotic = wind

2. Location and geography

2.1. In the arctic section of Canada

2.2. Nunavut, Nunavik, Nunatsiavat

3. How does global warming and climate change affect the environment?

3.1. Global warming can melt large ice chunks off of the arctic and send huge tidal waves and tsunamis into the islands.

3.2. Global Warming can melt snow and ice and cause landslides potentially destroying cities and destroying foundations of buildings.

3.3. Extreme conditions = tough survival

4. Activities

4.1. People in the arctic play some activities other that helping their family out with their family chores.

5. one of the harshest environments on the planet

5.1. People learn to live off the land/pass down traditional hunting & other survival techniques

5.2. Isolation

6. How do weather/climate play a factor in Inuit life?

6.1. Tough living

6.2. Dependent on ice to travel

6.2.1. To be able to hunt

6.3. ice melt makes life harder

6.4. hard to get to outside world