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MTGO Online Store by Mind Map: MTGO Online Store

1. Website

1.1. Database

1.1.1. SQL DB

1.1.2. Interface with CVS dump from MTGO Autoit Script to dump from MTGO Ajax type script to place information in DB

1.2. CMS

1.2.1. Article System Free Articles Premium Articles

1.3. Shopping Cart System

1.3.1. Magento

1.3.2. Wordpress Shopperpress

1.3.3. XCart

2. Card Inventory

2.1. Card Gathering Bots

2.1.1. MTGO Library Use insufficient bot until a custom one can be made.

2.1.2. Autoit Bot Have programer write bot

2.1.3. MTGO Usernames Create Usernames for MTGO