Britain’s monarchy

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Britain’s monarchy by Mind Map: Britain’s monarchy

1. The Queen’s role

1.1. Limited

1.1.1. Parliement constitution Back to 1688 : Glorious Revolution

1.2. The Head of the Church of England

1.2.1. Appoints the Archbishops

1.3. Symbolic

1.3.1. The Head of State

1.3.2. Represents national unity

2. The Queen’s power

2.1. She rules her subjects

2.1.1. Her reign is hereditary Right of primogeniture

2.2. Neutral and impartial

2.3. Royal prerogative

2.3.1. The government

2.3.2. Residual powers Declares war Signs treaties Awards honours She can choose the PM Enacts legislation A bill=an act of Parliement -> A LAW