Power of Now - Eckhart Tolle

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Power of Now - Eckhart Tolle by Mind Map: Power of Now - Eckhart Tolle

1. This book can be dense and abstract and very spiritual sounding at times

1.1. This Summary

1.1.1. Simplifies the ideas

1.1.2. Make them much more actionable

2. Why this book

2.1. 4+ Million copies sold

2.2. If you are unable to enjoy the journey of life

2.2.1. And keep putting off that peace, enjoyment and fullfillment for the time when all your dreams come true

2.3. If all your life you have been telling yourself

2.3.1. I will finally feel fulfilled when I accomplish the next big thing I don't have any more problems or worries

2.4. The KEY is to understand HOW to go about living your life

2.4.1. Such that you can have inner peace and fulfillment as you go after bigger and bigger goals

2.5. BTW - this book does not say that you should stop going after your goals

2.5.1. It does not say that you stop trying

2.5.2. In fact it pushes you to keep working towards your goals

2.6. If all your life, you have been running

2.6.1. Towards the promise of a brighter future

2.6.2. Or away from the demons of your past

2.7. If you feel like you are always chasing

2.7.1. But can't find any peace or fulfillment

2.7.2. If you are constantly running after stuff Never feeling fulfilled Never feeling that you are complete

2.8. If you are suffering through psychological pain of any kind

2.8.1. Worries, stress, anxiety, depression

2.8.2. guilt, fear

2.8.3. Emotional pain of all kinds

2.9. This book holds the secret to help you find

2.9.1. that inner peace and fulfillment you have been running after all your life

3. Structure of this summary

3.1. What is suffering

3.1.1. Suffering is a result of resistance to what is

3.2. Why we are all suffering

3.2.1. Psychological time We are either Dwelling in the past Living in the future Always wanting to arrive Fulfillment is only gotten from pleasures If I acquire enough, I will arrive Obsessed with future or past To escape from the unsatisfactory present Emotions Past obsession Future obsession More attention to the result To the fruit sense of always becoming never being Stress is a result of Being here But wanting to be there

3.2.2. Ego = false self, created by unconscious identification with the mind Always a sense of lack and incompleteness It ignores the present moment It makes the present moment a means to an END It just wants to use "this" to get there It always looks in the wrong place Past or future Always thinking that the NEXT moment is more important than the current moment However, The next moment does not exist - there is only present moment So we can never arrive at the next moment And hence we are never enough

3.2.3. We think we are our minds We have become slaves to our thoughts We identify with our minds The mind is using us TO be identified with mind = to be trapped in time We are living through Endless pre-occupation with The delusion of time Time and mind are inseparable Suffering needs time If you separate mind from time, you become free Past Future We derive our sense of self from our thoughts The mind is not bad or dysfunctional The problem is that you are identifying with your mind Why are we addicted to thinking? As long as you are your mind You can't find the present moment

3.3. How we can get out of suffering

3.3.1. Developing Consciousness = Way out of pain Beginning of freedom I am not the thinker I can watch the thinker The more you watch your mind, the more your consciousness becomes stronger Notice the constant voice inside your mind Watch that voice As you watch the thinker - the deeper self emerges Accept then act Accept the present moment

3.3.2. Psychological time v/s clock time Clock time Having a goal and working towards More attention to the doing Bhagvad Gita Not depending on future for fulfillment, happiness You are complete right this moment Sense of Being Simple test Are you feeling joy, ease? Are you thinking of this as a burden or a struggle You will never reach a time when you are free of problems That time is only RIGHT Now You can only be free right this moment Problems need time to survive

3.3.3. Focus your attention into the NOW By giving your full attention to whatever you are doing Getting in the FLOW Zone Book: Flow - Mihaly Cziksentmihaly

3.3.4. The Body = doorway to accessing the power of Now Emotions: Body's reaction to mind Emotion = Body's reaction to the mind If you want to know your mind You are not your emotion Body awareness keeps you in the present Anchors you in the NOW Being Focus your attention on the body That's where you feel your being How to get into the now? Keeping your attention in the body When you focus on the body and the sensations within If it is difficult to feel your body Start with the breath Observing the breath will put you in touch with your body Breath is the doorway into your body

3.3.5. Problems to projects You are dwelling on something Without a true intention of taking action now thinking of all that you need to do in the future Stoicism Whats outside your control Whats within your control There are no problems - only projects David Allen What is the immediate next step?

3.4. Understanding Peace & Joy and going beyond happiness

3.4.1. Pleasure v/s Joy Pleasure always comes from something outside you What gives you pleasure today will Joy arises from within

3.4.2. Beyond happiness and unhappiness - there is Peace Difference between happiness and inner peace Happiness depends on conditions being perceived as positive Inner peace does not Pleasure v/s Joy Things and conditions can create pleasure Joy arises from within Ego believes that through unhappiness it can get something We create unhappiness because we think it can buy us something The moment you accept your non-peace It transmutes into peace Acceptance leads to peace Miracle of surrender and acceptance When you accept every moment Every moment is the BEST

3.4.3. Enjoy the Path Material wealth will come along DO what you like and what helps the world Renunciation is actually renunciation of desire Not renunciation of stuff

3.4.4. Surrender going with the flow of life Rather than opposing it Surrender = accept unconditionally Acceptance v/s Resistance Acceptance frees you from identifying with the mind Resistance = identifying with the mind Surrender is completely compatible with taking action and achieving goals You are doing as a result of being Rather than trying to become Surrender is not about I don't care anymore I can't be bothered anymore Nonresistance doesn't mean doing nothing Bruce Lee - one of the greatest fighters said "Be like water" Doing becomes nonreactive True Vulnerability will make you invulnerable

3.5. Most important thing you can do to apply this Book in your life and free yourself of suffering

3.5.1. Train yourself to live in the NOW Get in the body Feel the sensations in your body any given moment This is what mindfulness meditation is all about I have been doing meditation for 20 years Exactly the kind that Eckhart Tolle talks about Download this guided meditation audio Simple Free Easy to start You will be meditating in less than 30 seconds

4. 3. Moving deeply into the NOW

4.1. Why we love thrills

4.1.1. Because they force us into the present moment

4.1.2. Nothing else matters completely free of time problems thinking ego personality