Excellent student

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Excellent student by Mind Map: Excellent student

1. Become independent

1.1. Learn how to organize your day yourself

1.2. Learn how to distribute your money

2. Study systematically

2.1. Do not panic

2.2. Creative approach to solving the problem

3. Not for parents, but for themselves

3.1. Go for a bet

3.2. Control yourself

4. If there is fear - to overcome

4.1. Do not be afraid to speak in general

5. Much to read

6. Know your rights

6.1. Do not perceive failure as an irreparable disaster

7. Attentiveness

7.1. Know the habits and weaknesses of their professors

8. Un - laziness

8.1. Set yourself small goals and do your own encouragement

9. Curiosity

9.1. Ask questions

10. Rest

10.1. Not react sharply to problems

11. Persistence

12. Useful dating

13. Expres your opinion