Frequently Played Role in Small Groups

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Frequently Played Role in Small Groups by Mind Map: Frequently Played Role in Small Groups

1. Task Leader

1.1. - high group status - mature person with good problem-solving skill - good communication skill - well educated as any other group member - typically does more work - engage in deviant behaviour

2. Social Emotion Leader

2.1. - well liked by group members - experience handling interpersonal problems - high in EQ - ability to empathize - skilled at communication skill - does not rival or compete with task leader, actively support - extroverted, speak frequently - acutely aware of feeling state of any member - constantly on guard for any interpersonal damage - responsible for group's well being and individual member's satisfaction

3. Tension Releaser

3.1. - ability to be funny - aware of group sensibilities in given work ennvironment - can resolve interpersonal conflict with well-timed humourous barbs - sensitive to social demands of the gruop - smooth over awkward moments

4. Information Provider

4.1. - most shared roles - provide accurate and concise data - has research skills that exceed the group's norm - has expert knowledge - research and prepare accurate information

5. Central Negative

5.1. - not pleased with current situation - might have same leadership skills as the leader, continuously challenging the leader - engages in 2 deviant behaviour: domination and blocking - forces the group to rethink its position carefully - criticism emitted from this role tends to be harsh

6. Questioner

6.1. - secondary roles - significantly increase quality of group output - probe ideas incisively without threatening or alienating group members and without challenging task leader - task: seeking ideas and seeking idea evaluation

7. Silent Observer

7.1. - quietly observe and evaluate the discussion - decisive conclusion - before formation of opinion, appear pleasant but evasive when opinions are asked - listen passively to all arguments and then form an opinion - social loafing: sulking, daydreaming, doodling and exerting less energy.

8. Active Listener

8.1. - frequently shared - listen attentively and encourage other members to explain - assist in leadership strategies: summarizing and normalizing consensus - argumentatively neutral, actively supportive of any member.

9. Recorder

9.1. - isomorphic in small groups - low status - person who play this role might feel subservient to the rest of group members - with digital communication and collaborative workplace: the role is shared - no more excuses of no documents to work on

10. Self-Centered Follower

10.1. - the only counter productive role - working against group's goal - narcissistically out for himself - not a team player - engages in deviant behaviour that takes time and energy away from the group.