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English by Mind Map: English

1. Assignments

1.1. Extended Metaphor based on music of thr heart movie

1.2. Creating a coat of arms for Shekspeare

1.3. Creating the pearl's character by our own mind.( using Hero Machine or Cartoon Kit)

2. Essays

2.1. Capital Punishment

3. In class

3.1. Talking about life

3.2. Writting a Dinemate for Shekspeare's characters

4. Poems

4.1. Tanka

4.2. Haiku

5. Movies

5.1. Iron will

5.2. Mr Holland's Opuse

5.3. Music of the Heart

5.4. Family plot

5.5. Rear window

5.6. Shekspeare's Romeo + Juliet

6. Books

6.1. The pearl

7. What is going to come on the test?

7.1. Short stories

7.1.1. Answering some question about the stories

7.2. One Essay at the end of the test

8. Teacher

8.1. Mr Alexander