Divergent: Book vs Movie

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Divergent: Book vs Movie by Mind Map: Divergent: Book vs Movie

1. Age of Characters

1.1. Four is 18 years old in the book, but 24 years old in the movie.

2. Costumes

2.1. In the book, the poor where all black, whereas in the movie the poor wear mostly red.

2.2. Tris has two tattoos in the book, but one in the move.

3. Character Deaths

3.1. Natalie Prior is killed at Tris's side in the movie, but killed on a mission in the book.

4. Characters Introduced

4.1. Uriah appears in book, but not movie.

4.2. Myra appears in book, but not movie.

4.3. Drew appears in book, but not movie.

5. Scenes

5.1. Natalie saves Tris from drowning in book, but from being shot in the movie.

5.2. In one of Tris's simulations, she uses a gun to get past the birds in the book, but uses a large stick to swat them away in the movie.