Perform Quality Assurance

Plan your projects and define important tasks and actions

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Perform Quality Assurance by Mind Map: Perform Quality Assurance

1. Doy mi palabra que he realizado esta actividad con integridad académica.

2. Project management Institute (2013). A Guide to the project management body of Knowledge (PMBOK guide). Pennsylvania: Project Management Institute

3. Inputs

3.1. Quality management plan

3.2. Process improvement plan

3.3. Quality metrics

3.4. Quality control measurements

3.5. Project documents

4. Outputs

4.1. Change requests

4.2. Project management updates

4.3. Project document updates

4.4. Organizational process assets updates

5. Tools & Techniques

5.1. Quality management and control tools

5.1.1. Affinity diagrams

5.1.2. Process decision program charts

5.1.3. Interrelationship digraphs

5.1.4. Tree diagrams

5.1.5. Prioritization matrices

5.1.6. Activity network diagrams

5.1.7. Matrix diagrams

5.2. Quality audits

5.3. Process analysis