Web 2.0 Tools

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Web 2.0 Tools by Mind Map: Web 2.0 Tools

1. Audio Tools

1.1. Animoto

1.1.1. Animoto is used to create videos or slideshows that you can add words or music to and then you can share it with others

1.2. VoiceThread

1.2.1. VoiceThread is used for discussion by using your voice using microphone, webcam, text, phone, and audio-file upload

2. Video Tools

2.1. YouTube

2.1.1. YouTube is used to upload, view and/or download all types of video

2.2. WeVideo

2.2.1. WeVideo is a site used not only upload but also edit video

2.3. Skype

2.3.1. Skype is used for video chat and voice calls

3. Organizational Tools

3.1. Engrade

3.1.1. Engrade is an online grade book where teachers can update grades, assignments, and homework for their students

3.2. DropBox

3.2.1. DropBox is used for personal cloud storage

3.3. Diigo

3.3.1. Diigo is a social bookmarking site used to bookmark webpages that you can also highlight and sticky note for later use

3.4. Evernote

3.4.1. EverNote is a site used for note taking, list making, organizing and archiving

4. Writing Tools

4.1. Wordpress

4.1.1. WordPress is a bogging platform that allows you to create a new blog or website of your own

4.2. Edublogs

4.2.1. EduBlogs is a blogging site more geared for the educational community where you have full control over your blog and can share it with your faculty and students

4.3. Zoho Writer

4.3.1. ZohoWriter is an online word processor where you can create and edit documents with the ability to collaborate with others while using it

4.4. Google Docs

4.4.1. GoogleDocs allows you to create documents and store them on Google with the ability to share and edit them with other people