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Teamwork by Mind Map: Teamwork

1. Creative

1.1. children work as a group and use the spaghetti and marshmallows to build a tower and is a kind of competition activity and give a time limit and when the time is on, we can see which group of children built the highest tower and keep not falling down.

1.2. Each group will be divided into a large white paper, some colored pencils, the children need to choose a member of the group and then this member needs to lie on a white paper, the children need to describe the shape of this member, and then decorated under the depicted shape, can draw a clothes for this member or do other decoration.

1.3. children can do a family tree for this classroom as an introduction, teacher draw a big tree and children will use the painting color to paint their hands and leave a hand print on the tree and children will write their name beside their hand print. This family tree will be a good introduction of this class room's children.

1.4. Children will work as a group and in the given time they need to try to create the paper chain as long as possible, and after the given time, each group will compare the length of their paper chain and pick the winner group.

2. Physical

2.1. Each group of children has a big sheet and a big ball, children need to hold the sheet together and transfer the ball to the opposite side and keep it on the sheet, and in the way they transfer, there are some railing as obstacle to increase the difficult and children need to cross it and transfer the ball.

2.2. children write down some adjective words that is to describe their peers in the class, like quite, beautiful, friendly and they walk around in the room and put the adjective words on the child's back based on children's impression with their peers that they think is suit to.

2.3. This activity is to let children play in a group and they need to use their body to creat different kinds of shapes, like numbers, letters or a word. Teachers also can provide some pictures for children to creat or children can use their imagination to do creative with their bodies.

2.4. This activity is to let children play in a group and they need to use their body to creat different kinds of shapes, like numbers, letters or a word. Teachers also can provide some pictures for children to creat or children can use their imagination to do creative with their bodies.

3. Language Art

3.1. The children stand in a row and show a picture to the first child. The child then tells the next child to describe the picture. The child behind can not peek at the pictures. It should be followed and describe the content that from the children in front of them. The last child will say. What is the content of the picture?

3.2. A book sharing activity, every week one child will take a book that he wants to share his classmates and introduce the book in the carpet time and this book will leave in the classroom's book shelf for a week. And next week, children will talk about their feeling about reading the book and share their ideas, and another child will introduce a book and put it into the book shelf for a week again. In this way children can read more book and based on these same reading experience, children can increase their communication skills and also close their relationships.

3.3. Two children will be a group, and one child in the finish line, one child need to wear a eye mask and the child in the finish line need to talk to the child who is with eye mask and help the child who wear the eye mask to walk through barriers, like railings, cartons and go the finish line.

3.4. Children will stand in a circle and transfer to a ball. In the same time the child transfer the ball to another child, the child need to ask a question and the child who gets the ball need to answer the question and ask the child who will get the ball from this child a question. For example, the child asks the child who will get the ball from him, four plus four equal what? And the child who gets the ball will answer eight and transfer the ball to another child and ask a question also. This is a kind competition group game, each group will do this kind of transfer and ask question, in the same given time, the group who asks the highest amount questions will be the winner group.

4. Social

4.1. The teacher will provide a journal notebook and then order the children. The child will manage the notebook on the day that belongs to him according to the order of arrangement. On that day, the child in charge of the diary will write down something he finds interesting and can decorate him. Or draw. Everyone will be in charge, and records what he saw and heard.

4.2. This is a dramatic play activity, the content is there is a group of people need to help a person who is first time to join in the banquet event and help the person to find fit clothes and learn to use fit and gentle behaviors in the event. Children will choose the character they want to play and follow the content to play, and also can do creatively expand. Children need to think and choose the clothes that they think should wear for this event and what kinds of gift they want to take to. Children will play people in high society, and they need to think how people in high society talking. Children need to work together as a team to help the person who is first time to join in this kind of event.

4.3. This is an activity about one day volunteer, children can self-recommend if the child want to be volunteer of this class,and in that day, if children have any problems or questions, they can ask help from this volunteer, also teacher can get help from this volunteer. This activity can help children to keep a realization of helping people and through helping, they also can improve communication skills and social skills.

4.4. The activity is about I have who has? children can do the activity in the carpet time, when they sit in a circle, for example, one child will hold a card that write i have who has and said i have a rabbit who has, and if there are children also has rabbit, they can hold their card.